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The last day of the Mayan calendar - and the world thereafter

Miloq, a renowned fortuneteller in Japan for her prophecies regarding flood, earthquake, utilization of new underwater resources, sports, and politics, (all of which were proven correct later) has announced a new prophecy for the upcoming year, 2013

Miloq’s surprisingly accurate telling derives from her interpretation of the Mayan calendar.
Mayan calendar has become famous in the past few years for its ‘termination’ on 21 December, 2012. Some believe that it is to be the last day of earth and civilization as well.

Miloq has always been skeptical of the destruction theory.
According to her, the end of the Mayan calendar is much like the end of the Gregorian calendar we are accustomed to; it simply moves on to the next calendar. The difference being - the calendar that is about to end has lasted some 5125 years.

But it’s not just a new beginning. Miloq believes that the start of a new calendar will also mark the start of a new age, where mankind will take a big step toward a ‘New World’.

The near one year term that is about to begin after 21, Dec. is the first year of a 5125 year time period, a year which Miloq calls, ‘Year Zero’.

Before and after this time, there will be many changes, Miloq says.
There will be challenges and confusion too, as there always is, when big changes occur.
One of the major hardships to come, as Miloq describes, are ‘people becoming lost within the maze of information’.
People will wander among the staggering ocean of information, unable to decide what to trust.

But that time will pass too. After that, there will come a world where ‘science and non-science fuses’ and ‘ancient magic revives’.
Our modern values started changing about a year ago, and it will continue to change, till people once again start to admit the ancient values and spirituality, Miloq says.

So, will the new age be a bright, or will it be doomed?
That is probably up to us.

You can read all of her prophecies here
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(Only available in Japanese)

Want to know what will happen to YOU after 2013?

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