本レーベルは、Excite Music Store及びモバイルコロムビア上で先行独占展開され、配信される楽曲は、国内で入手が困難な高いクオリティのアイスランド楽曲を幅広いジャンルで集めていきます。
(おぐらゆうか Yuka Ogura)

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Anything Iceland for the Japanese and for you, too
(This blog is for those who do not understand Japanese language.)

ICELANDia blog features anything Iceland written in Japanse for the Japanese.

English summary available
It was in July 2008, an Icelander asked if I could also write a short summary of my blog in English. Well, that is not a bad idea. Actually I met a guy from New York at Iceland Airwaves in 2007 and he was my blog "looker". He said he visited my blog fairly often as I seemed to talk about obscure Icelandic music artists from time to time.

If you are an English speaker, you may want to scroll down each article. At the end of it, you will find short English writings. English part is not necessary an accurate summary of Japanese part. Often times I express it in different words. It is just easier that way.

Want to leave a comment?
If you would like to leave a comment, please read and follow this instruction. Why? because I am blocking comments written only in English. Sorry about this but otherwise I would be getting zillions of English spams. By writing/pasting something in Japanese, it becomes legit and spam filter will let you come through.

copy&paste the following in your comment:

What does it say? "A Happy New Year" :D

You can also make it a private message to me if you check the box (see below).

Here's how a comment box looks like and I hope you know what to do now.
Anything Iceland for the Japanese and for you, too_c0003620_22484294.jpg


I do not know how many non-Japanese blog readers are there, or if there is any. I hope to see you at Iceland Airwaves!

Yuka Ogura
by icelandia | 2008-09-18 22:33 | For English readers | Trackback(1) | Comments(0)
Bang Gang on Metropolis "music" feature

Thanks for visiting ICELANDia blog on Excite Japan. This is my first English post. It feels a bit awkward to place info written in English on my blog which has been written all in Japanese up until now. But here I go.

There is a very nice article of Bang Gang, an ICELANDia artist, featured on Metropolis, 2005 Sep issue . Dan Grunebaum from Metropolis had interviewed Bardi when Bardi visited Tokyo in July, and they shared some interesting conversation. You can read it online:

You should see Bardi's face as soon as you hit the page. If not, the article must have been relocated to their archive. Please look for ' Bang Gang ' under "Muisc Archive" on the right column -- you may need to scroll down a little.

Bang Gang on Metropolis \"music\" feature_c0003620_17493254.jpg "Something Wrong" by Bang Gang is available at Tower, HMV and some other major music shops in Japan. It is also available via Amazon.co.jp.

If you would like this album to be delivered right at our door, you can place an order here or justsend me an email. Major credit card/PayPal payment is accepted. Free shipping to Japanese addresses. Also COD is available.
Bang Gang's website is really cool. Audio/video files are there for your pleasure. Check it out and enjoy!

ICELANDia is a music label created and presented by Alljos Entertainment who is specializing in bridging between Iceland and Japan culturally. Alljos operates websites such as Alljos Entertainment, Alljos Music shop, and ICELANDia blog which is what you are reading. They are all written in Japanese, but you are always very welcome to make a contact and send your comments in English. Unfortunately no Icelandic language, please. Or I will have to foward it to embassy and have them translate it for me. ( Yuka Ogura)Bang Gang on Metropolis \"music\" feature_c0003620_22263649.jpgBang Gang on Metropolis \"music\" feature_c0003620_13213440.gif
by icelandia | 2005-10-05 18:45 | For English readers | Trackback | Comments(0)
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